Fanny Grimard was born in Montreal in 1980. Three years later, her parents discover that she is hard of hearing by birth. She has followed many therapies, including McGill University, to learn to hear and speak at a time when hearing-impaired people have to express themselves through sign language. She immediately faced the sounds. Since then, she lives on horseback between two worlds, a world of noise and the other, of silence.

In the 21st century, everything goes too fast, competition pushes us to go faster in life, in our work until we stun. Fanny Grimard invites us to stop the time, to admire what one has, to fall in the silence to catch our breath. She wants us to enter her bubble, to face ourselves.

In his work, the artist plays with time exposure to shooting and post-production, thus stopping the presence of movement. Everything seems frozen in the image, there is no illusion of movement. It can be seen as a metaphor for the absence of noises to which it is confronted, a return to its sources. The landscapes she sees become, therefore, also seated between two worlds, that of the real and the unreal.

It tries to force the spectator to take the time to observe this precise moment that it has captured. This brief moment, which one will never find, ephemeral.